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About IQMS
Quality is no more an option today in the modern era, it's a necessity.IQMS is a rapidly growing certification body providing reliable certification services to a wide range of industry verticals.
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Welcome to IQMS Certifications Pvt. Ltd
IQMS Certifications Pvt. Ltd is an accredited independent certification body. IQMS is authorized to audit organisations and issue certificates against a variety of management systems (including ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and ISO 22000).
IQMS is an independent, third-party assessment body without affiliation to any other company or organisation. IQMS doesn't provide any consultancy services. IQMS provides reliable certification services to a wide range of industry verticals ranging from manufacturing to service companies.
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 22000
ISO 27001
Why Choose us
IQMS Certification is the leading certification body engaged in offering trusted registration services in south Asia. IQMS is one of the fastest growing certification body consisting of highly experienced professionals offering the latest systems certification and promoting quality concepts. IQMS Auditors are highly experienced
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IQMS Benifits
The most obvious benefit of ISO certification involves a happier customer base. ISO certification does not in any way guarantee the quality of your goods or services, but conformity to ISO standards should result in the sustained production of quality goods and services. In turn, your company is more likely to attract and retain customers.
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